Write a Song..change the world

the German Songwriting Awards ARE an annual song contest whose mission is
to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their
songs heard by the German Music industry and
various German Media companies.

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About the gsc........

encourages and supports the art of songwriting

is connected to Berlin`s music industry. Various labels and media companies are partner in this contest 

the award show is part of the Songmonk Music Expo

is part of the SongMonk labels A&R network giving release opportunities for winning songs.
This a unique feature of this contest. Each song category is connected to release options at a song label

helps to get songwriter noticed

expected to award over 100.000 EUR worth in prizes

is open for songwriters from every country

charges among the lowest entry fees of comparable contests

helps discovering new talented songwriter and their songs

gives SingerSongwriter the opportunity to perform at the SongMonk Music Expo

is based in Berlin, a place attracting musicians from all over the world and a
starting point for music to travel the world

has an international focus. English, German,Spanish and French lyrics are welcome

Song categories


chartradio style top 40 popular music. 

alternative   presented by flux fm radio                      
all types and styles of  alternative music f.e. indie rock

This is a perfect category for performers who are also songwriters. Songs can be in any style or genre.
The only rule is that the songwriter sings their own song. In this category the performance and vocals
are judged along with the songwriting.
(NOTE: This is the only category where the vocals are also judged, in all other categories vocals are not judged)

EDM   presented by radio energy                                       
all types and styles of commercial electronic dance music. 

lyrics only                            
Great songs need great song lyrics. Judges in the lyric Writing category focus on the effective use of lyrical technique — 
imagery, rhyming and lyric development. Judges also consider how successfully a lyric might be adapted to music and selected by
established recording artists. The popular category for lyricists. 

music videos                       
Many people are experimenting with videos to go with their songs these days. It is important to note that in this category it is the video,
and not the song, that is the main focus of attention for the judges.  You may also enter the same song as an audio recording in one of the
other categories and also enter your video of the song in the Video catgeory. Both entry versions of the song will be judged separately. To
enter this category we will ask for a link to watch your video which must already be online somewhere for viewing (eg on YouTube, Vimeo,  
Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter, your own website etc).

heavy rock
all types and styles of rock including alternative rock and heavy metal Label


HipHop / Rap


spiritual music
German schlager
urban classical music
music for children



songs for



In addition to the main winners' prizes there is also something for everyone in this event.

Everyone who enters the GSC receives a valuable gift package consisting of six
weeks of song pitching opportunities and a selection of songwriting courses at worth € 150 each

Just for entering (these prizes will be distributed to all entrants after
the close of the contest). Plus everyone has the chance be featured on the
prestigious "best of GSC“ music industry promo album. 

We expect to award over € 100,000 worth of prizes to entrants this year!
Participating songwriters receive written evaluations of their songs from experience
music-industry pro`s the main winner prizes: 

- song record deal offers for each category

- media coverage

- co-writing possibilities with prestigious songwriters

- song of the year (Award Show in Berlin)

- singer songwriter of the year (award show)



singer/songwriter category
Daniel Schmidt                                        Head of A&R Polydor/Island  Universal Music Group
Christoph Pancke                                  A.S.S. Concerts und Promotion

urban category
Mousse T &
Errol Rennalls                                            Songwriter/DJ/Producer

heavy rock category
Martin Lanzerath                                       A&R SPV 

Urban Classical category
Jochen Schuster                                       A&R Sony

Alexandra Ziem                                          A&R Universal

German schlager category
Rudi Schedler                                            Owner Schedler Musikverlage

pop category
Stefan Harder                                            Senior A&R Warner Music
Daniel Grunenberg                                     Songwriter/Producer „Glasperlenspiel"

EDM category
Stefan Friedrich                                          Head of Service & Solutions at Energy Radio

alternative category
Markus Kühn                                               Managing Director Flux FM Radio 

important dates



Friday, January 8
contest opens for entries

Sunday, May31
submission deadline

Tuesday, June 16
award show